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Services & Pricing

All Appointments Include:

  • General Assessment of Nose, Mouth, Eyes, Ears, Body, Feet, Tail
  • Assessment of Coat and Skin Condition
  • Temperature Controlled Hydro-Massage Bath
  • Two Shampoos (Prima & Specialty)
  • Unique Conditioner Treatment
  • Towel Dry, Cool Blow Dry or Fluff Dry
  • Teeth Brushed
  • Eyes Cleaned
  • Ears Cleaned
  • Paw Pads Cleaned/Skimmed
  • Nails Clipped
  • Light De-Matting
  • Thorough Brushing (no tangles)
  • Finishing Touches

Extras and Add-ons:


Full Haircut, Tidy Trim, Breed Specific Outline: $20/0.5hr.

  • Full Haircut (includes All Areas/Ears Plucked as needed)
  • Tidy Trim (between Full Haircuts, includes Face/Feet/Sanitary/Other)
  • Breed Specific Outline (create & maintain Breed Profile)

Trims: $5/Area

  • Feet/Between Toes
  • Sanitary Areas
  • Other Detail Areas

Spa Treatments:

Paw Pad Treatment (Condition/Repel Moisture): $5

Wash/Deodorize Collar: $5

Facial & Massage: $10

Nail Round & Smooth: $10

Coat Treatments:

Sun-Guard UV Coat Protection: $10

Heavy De-Matting: $10/0.25hr

Undercoat Removal: $10/0.25hr

Shed-less Treatment: $25

Skin Treatments:

Medicated Skin/Coat Treatment: $10

Flea/Tick Treatment: $25


Ears Plucked: $5

Anal Glands Expressed: $10

*De-skunking (please call about options)

Standard Groom Package Pricing  

  • under 25lbs

  • $75/mo
  • 25-60lbs

  • $85/mo
  • 60-100lbs

  • $95/mo
  • over 100lbs

  • $115/mo

*Please Note: Pricing subject to change based on breed, coat type and condition. 

Let’s CONNECT to talk about your dog, it’s needs and what we can do for your pooch!