Benefits of DogLife Mobile Grooming - Welcome To DogLife - Mobile Dog Grooming Services
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Benefits of DogLife Mobile  Grooming

  • Convenience of services brought to your location of choice
  • Comfortable, luxurious, climate-controlled van outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment
  • Safe, sanitary and calming environment
  • Personal and proper handling of your pet while in our care
  • Services catered to your pet’s specific needs and at their preferred pace
  • Premium all-natural, non-toxic, biodegradable products and treatments
  • One-on-one, undivided focus and attention on your pet for entirety of grooming
  • Never confined in cages, crates or kennels
  • Never waiting on other dogs or wishing for pick-up time
  • Favorable solution for physically impaired or delicate older pets
  • No transport needed for nervous, anxious or filthy dogs
  • No sadness or separation anxiety from being dropped off or left behind
  • Groomer certified in Pet Empowerment: a method focused on reducing fear, anxiety and stress of pet
  • Groomer certified in pet CPR and First-Aid
  • Same groomer every time to develop bond and build trust with your pet
  • No agitation, anxiety or high arousal from other dog’s emotions
  • No exposure to other animal’s illness, incidents or behavior
  • No scheduling drop-off and pick up times within traditional hours of business
  • Treats offered during visit (approved by owner)
Contact us for your initial consultation.