About Us - Welcome To DogLife - Mobile Dog Grooming Services
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What is DogLife?

Livin’ the DogLife…

DogLife is a tribute to the remarkable dog-centric lifestyle unique to the Wood River Valley. As 15-year local residents, we have experienced and shared the profound impact that dogs have on people’s lives. And this is our way of giving back…to the dogs!!!


We strive to provide a high level of care and service, using all natural, non-toxic, biodegradable products with the goal of reducing fear and stress in each pet through proper handling and personal attention. Ultimately, we want your dog looking and feeling tip-top.


This one-on-one service is performed by our groomer, who is certified in pet CPR, First-Aid and Pet Empowerment, a method of reducing fear and anxiety in pets. By recognizing animal communication and behavior, we can better serve pets by modifying our approach or technique, thereby raising their level of comfort. This is a ‘nose to tail’ service with complete focus on each single pet during entirety of grooming.


This service is particularly favorable for high-anxiety, physically impaired or delicate older pets…and older owners! The purpose of DogLife is to enhance the lives of pets and their owners from the early ages through elderly stages. We are committed to reinforcing the cherished bond between pets and people, helping each dog experience a healthy, joyful and comfortable life.


We look forward to meeting you and your pups!



Justin & Christine Hellmann

About Our Van

  • 2016 Mercedes Benz Endurance Sprinter 3500 with state-of-the-art equipment, appliances and climate control in a fully self-contained facility
  • Easy steps leading into the safe and sanitary facility with a calming, comfortable and peaceful environment
  • Premium audio system…your pet gets first choice of music!
  • On-board heat and A/C with thermostat to maintain temperature controlled environment with no engine idling required
  • Smart grooming table lowers to 14” with a 300 lb weight capacity to lift large breed dogs, table-to-tub bridge allows them to easily walk into and out of the tub
  • 4 ½’ one-piece to ceiling 16-gauge stainless steel full-size tub will hold the largest breed, perforated shelf in the tub raises the smallest dog 9″ from the bottom of the tub
  • Super sudser bathing unit with Hydro-massage system
  • On-board LP water heater with chrome single lever hot/cold water demand system regulates the water temperature to perfection (lukewarm)
  • Kool Dry variable speed dryer helps desensitize your dog, two-speed velocity dryer provides efficient drying
  • Bright LED lighting by Cree for maximum visibility without casting shadows
  • GFI protection on all electrical systems and outlets
  • On-board Pet First Aid kits

DogLife is dedicated to the bright and loving memories of our dearest Lily…

Contact us for your initial consultation. Discounts offered for multi-dog households.